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Welcome to Hudsonville Girls Youth Lacrosse

Our Philosophy: We want our girls to learn the fundamentals of lacrosse, have fun, and strive for excellence!



Facebook: Hudsonville Girls Lacrosse

Girls 2023 Lacrosse Board Members 

Directors: Katie Farrell and Bree TenHave 

Treasurer: Alicia Oldebekking 

Members at Large: Nic Farrell, Ryan TenHave, Rick Bolhuis 

Team Info and Coaches

7th / 8th Grade: Nic Farrell 

Earned playing time 

Positions will be determined by skill level and coaches discretion 

5th / 6th Grade: Ryan TenHave  

Managed playing time 

Positions will initially be rotated and progress to skill-based and coaches discretion 

3rd/4th Grade: Rick Bolhuis 

Equalized playing time 

Positions will be rotated in an effort to help girls learn the game 

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