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  • 2018 Hudsonville Uniform Reveal/Fundraiser - Monday January 29, 2018 at WIN Restaurant
2018 Sponsorship Drive



This is our first attempt at a sponsorship drive.

Our target is to raise between $6,000 and $10,000 for the youth lacrosse association. The ultimate goal is to use this sponsorship money to increase our offerings and lower the cost to play lacrosse in Hudsonville.

Our major costs include, but are not limited to:  New uniforms, referees, in season storage facilities, offsite practice facilities, Porta Johns, website maintenance, coach’s gear, instructional coaching clinics, balls, new nets, and tournament fees.

Our sponsorship drive will run from now till November 30, 2017

The purpose of the November 30 end date is to know unequivocally what the costs will be per player for the coming season. Our intention is to keep the costs to play at $250 per player or less which will include the US Lacrosse membership of $35.

As an effort to increase sponsorship and reduce player fees the board has decided to offer a sponsorship incentive.  Half of the sponsorship money brought in by a player will be applied towards that player fees up to the cost of their enrollment. 

We are hoping for a lead sponsor of $2500 to cover the cost of 10 players who would ordinarily not be able to play lacrosse due to costs.

Please help us in achieving our goal of increasing participation for lacrosse while lowering the cost to play for 2018.

Sponsorship forms can be found on the Documents Tab under the Home Tab.

Tim McAleece/Chris Campbell

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