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Lacrosse is a spring sport for all teams.
High school teams are organized, are 100% funded, and operate as school sports through Hudsonville High School and all questions about the high school teams should be directed toward the high school athletic department.    
Youth practices will begin indoor at various indoor facilities, and when weather permitting we practice outdoor.  The youth games/tournaments start early April and end the first week of June.     
Q.  Is this a Hudsonville Public School sport?

A.  Hudsonville Youth Lacrosse began as a community based non profit organization formed to give kids aged first grade through eighth grade the opportunity to play lacrosse.  The boys high school teams are Hudsonville Public School JV and Varsity sports.  The youth programs remain non-school sports. 


Q.  Who can play?
A.  Any boy in grade 1st - 8th.
Q.  How much does it cost?
A.   1-2 Grades - $
      3-4 Grades - $
      5-6 Grades - $
      7-8 Grades - $
      All new players 3rd through 8th grade are required to purchase a $100 uniform. 

Q.  Do we have to travel?

A.  The majority of our play will surrond the Grand Rapids area.  You can also expect 2-3 weekend events that may involve in-state travel. 
Q.  My player is new, what equipment will he need?

A.  Lacrosse requires you to have a stick, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, cleats, mouthguard, and protective cup.  While we do not currently offer equipment at any group, most of this can be found locally at Athlete's Connnection, DICKS, Play It Again Sports or online at eBay, Squadlocker, and Craigslist.  Also Hudsonville Youth Lacrosse offers a player exchange for parents to sell used lacrosse equipment.  Visit our home page to visit the player exchange.  If you are purchasing equipment for a 7/8 grade boy, then you are encouraged to purchase an adjustable yellow helmet and blue or blue/white gloves because he will need them in high school.
Q.  What off-season opportunities are available?

A.  There are several differet opportunities availabel for boys wanting to play through the summer.  Below are links to a few different programs.  Most of these teams have open try-outs in August/September/October for the following year.  Most of these teams have open try-outs in August/September/October for the following year.
http://www.juicedcherries.com/                 Juiced Cherries
http://mlaxacademy.com/                         Michigan Lacrosse Academy (MLAX)
http://mi.truelacrosse.com/                       True Lacrosse
http://www.westsidemilax.com/home         Westside Lacrosse